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Jasmine, the vine that loves to play tag with trees, is a globetrotter found frolicking in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Its petal pals, resembling roses, are the talk of the town for their stunning looks.


These flowery gems, known as the symbol of motherhood, get VIP treatment by being crafted into fancy garlands or adorning stylish hairdos. They even star in the perfume world and make a grand entrance in tea parties.


Store in an airtight container in a dark cabinet.


Use to make infusions to produce floral water (hydrosols) for soap, shampoo, lotions and other products for hair and skin. Use in floral displays, potpourri and in linen and drawer sachets. Excellent in teas, especially when combined with other floral ingredients. Jasmine is widely used in the cosmetic and perfume industries.


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Jasmine Flower


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