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What Is Angelite?

Behold this captivating blue mineral that's as dry as a bone in the Sahara desert! Rumors abound that it's a present from the heavens, a mystical link to the guardians of the universe. With its incredible healing powers, it leads us down the path to tranquility, sharpens our sixth sense, and polishes our communication skills, nudging us to our fullest potential.

What Can Angelite Do For You?

This fantastical crystal is like a direct line to your heavenly protectors and mystical guides! It's like the ultimate spiritual jetpack that'll amp up your magic powers and unleash your full potential. And when the going gets tough on your psychic journey, this crystal's got your back like a true-blue pal. It'll help you soar past doubts and insecurities and unlock the hidden spiritual superstar inside you!

It's a meditation sidekick too! Hold that baby in your hand as you let your mind wander off into the unknown (or contemplate its deeper meanings). It's a chance to tackle those heavy thoughts that have been weighing on you or take a cosmic journey to the stars!

How Can You Cleanse Angelite?

Get ready to pamper your Angelite crystals, folks! While some crystals are low maintenance, these babies need a little extra TLC when it comes to cleansing. If you're lucky enough to have a piece of Angelite, treat it like the precious gem it is. This delicate stone prefers a gentle touch, so don't soak it or douse it in chemicals. Also, no need to cleanse it every time you use it in your healing routine. Angelite is all about good vibes and positive energy, so let it work its magic! Here are some top-notch tips to keep them shining bright and full of good vibes:

  • Smoke: Light up some sacred herbs like rosemary, frankincense, palo santo, or sage and let the smoke do its magic. Wave the smoking wand over your Angelite and ask the elements of fire and air to bathe the crystal in purifying smoke. Set the intention to give your Angelite a refreshing spa day. After a minute-long smoke session, your crystal will be all shiny and new!

  • Mantras: Take a moment to hold it tight and repeat a cleansing mantra that's in sync with your vibes. You could try something like "You're free from any icky energy and impurities," or "Time to say bye-bye to any yucky vibes you picked up, my crystal friend."

  • Natural Light: Let your Angelite crystal soak up natural sunlight or moonlight, especially during a full moon. Your crystal will thank you for the spa treatment!


Angelite glows with the promise of deep spiritual awakening and harmony. This gemstone has a knack for bringing about rapid transformation in those who tap into its powers. Are you ready to light up your inner spark? Angelite is waiting!

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