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Unveiling Wilson's Newest Gem: A Crystal Store to Spark Your Inner Serenity

The year 2023 was like a wild rollercoaster ride, jam-packed with twists and turns for Sassy Clover! We kicked things off in January, with live Facebook broadcasts, but soon found our true calling on TikTok. It was a match made in heaven, and for the first three months, everything was coming up roses. But, just when we thought we'd figured things out, April hit us like a ton of bricks! Sales plummeted, and my spirits took a nose-dive. But, I wasn't going to let one bump in the road stop me from reaching my destiny. I dusted myself off, and when the TikTok Shop launched in July, I went all out with a Christmas in July promotion that went viral overnight! My phone was buzzing with orders, and I was juggling a full-time job with running Sassy Clover all by myself. Talk about tough! But, I knew I was onto something when August sales shot up from $4,000 to $40,000! That was my cue to break free from the corporate world and chase my dreams. I had been manifesting this for years, and the universe was finally shouting, "Go for it!" So, I rolled up my sleeves, found the perfect brick-and-mortar location, and signed the lease in August. It was all or nothing, and I was ready to take the leap! I handed in my notice after 21 years in the corporate world.

I walked out from my corporate job for the last time on September 14th. It was the absolute best feeling I have ever felt. All the weight of stress, politics, regulations and confinement was lifted. I felt like a new person but I was scared to death not knowing if I made the right decision. But I was ready! While we worked toward the opening of the store, I knew I needed help. So I hired my first employee, May Howell, in October. My son also committed to helping with packaging orders. Things were moving quickly and I was excited. But then we hit another road block. The location I wanted had to go through a Change of Use with the city as it use to be an office and we were converting it into a retail store. This is when all the delays occurred. We had to involve so many people to get inspections, approvals and permits. Not only did delays hit us but also expenses. What I thought would take 2 months to do turned into 5 months. But I was not giving up. I left things to the universe as I knew things would happen when they were supposed to. So we focused on our live broadcasts and online sales. Then we finally got the needed approvals on December 29th. And here we are - things are moving so quickly. I knew we would need more help when the store opens so I quickly started interviews and made employment offers to 3 new hires.

I finally took a leap of faith and left my corporate job on September 14th. It was like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders, freeing me from all the stress, politics, regulations, and limitations. I felt positively reborn, but also a bit nervous. Was this the right decision? Still, I was pumped and ready for whatever came next. As we geared up to open the store, I realized I needed some backup, so I hired May Howell in October and my son agreed to help with packaging orders. Things were looking up, until we hit yet another snag: the location we wanted needed a Change of Use permit from the city, since it was an office space being converted into a retail store. Cue the delays, the inspections, the approvals, and the permits. What I thought would take two months dragged on for five, but I refused to give up. I trusted the universe to guide us, and we focused our energy on live broadcasts and online sales. Then, on December 29th, we finally got the green light! Things started moving at lightning speed, and I knew we'd need more hands on deck for the store opening. So, I quickly conducted interviews and hired three new employees.

We don’t yet have an official open date but we are targeting for February 2024. This will be unlike anything Wilson, NC has seen or has. We are creating an oasis for people to come and soak in the positive energy while enjoying the relaxation of herbal teas. This environment is going to be like walking into an enchanted forest filled with magic. We are so excited to have finally gotten to this point and can not wait until we can open our doors to the public. Stay tuned for more updates

We're putting the finishing touches on our new space, and while we can't give you a precise opening date, we're aiming for February 2024! This isn't your average metaphysical stop, oh no! It's going to be a wonderland where folks can bask in uplifting vibes while sipping on scrumptious herbal teas. Imagine stepping into a mystical forest where anything is possible! We're over the moon to have reached this stage and can hardly wait to swing open our doors for everyone to enjoy. Keep those ears perked for upcoming updates!

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