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Celtic Moon of the Month - Alder Tree

Today marks the beginning of the fourth moon in Celtic traditions and the celebrating of the Alder Tree.

Starting today, March 18th, until the 14th of April we will be in celebration of the Alder tree. During this time we will celebrate Ostara, Easter on the Christian calendar, an ushering in of spring that symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. Alder (or Fearn in Gallic) is a tree connected by the element of water.

It makes up a part of the birch family and is commonly found growing by wetlands, rivers, and streams. Alder tree roots have the ability to improve the pH of surrounding soil and give live back to poor soil conditions. This tree has many magical influences believed to help people to face up to situations that they may have been avoiding. It's also said that this tree could take you to the fairy real. Which is partly why the cutting down of an Alder Tree was once a punishable act, because it was believed that if you felled on. the fairy living inside its branches would come and burn your home down in retaliation.

Uses for the Alder tree range from magical to medicinal. They can be used in spell work to aid with business and academics. The flowers that bloom from the tree are typically used in Fairy Magic and the wood is perfect for crafting wands and flutes. For medicinal use, the bark was used to treat inflammation and the heated leaves help with chronic skin conditions.

Alder Tree Zodiac

Those born within the month of Alder are usually straight to the point and are natural leaders that create paths for others to follow behind. Making them great leaders and teachers for those around them. They are dream chasers who work hard to reach their goals and passions. Energetic people who do not tolerate wasting time, they believe strongly in themselves and exhue self confidence that others love to be around. Alder signs get along with nearly everyone, are fun to be around, and often times are a motivator for people around them to accomplish tasks.

Fun Facts

Symbolic Meaning of the Alder Tree: Release, Determination, Inner Confidence, Healing, Protecting, Peaceful.

Ruling Planet: Mars

Ruling Elements Fire and Water

Irish Legend: Irish creation myths tells the story of the how the first man was made from alder wood.

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