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Renowned artist Patrick Valenza sprinkles a pinch of whimsy onto classic tarot cards, crafting a surreal realm inspired by childhood fantasies. Moon-kissed characters, plucked from ancient tombstones, dance across eerie backdrops of smoke-filled skies and haunted edifices. Valenza's guidebook unpacks intriguing card meanings, both upright and reversed. The moonlit card backs, showcasing lunar phases, add a twist to readings. The booklet even unveils a mystical lunatic spread, echoing the full moon's cycle for a cosmic boost. The Deviant Moon Tarot has bewitched a devoted following, earning the title of the Ultimate Tarot Deck by Aeclectic Tarot fans. Each card is a spellbinding 2.75" x 5.125" canvas ready to whisk you away on a mystical journey.

Deviant Moon Tarot Deck


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