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BITCH BE GONE | Roller NOTES Top: Floral | Mid: Zesty | Base: Warm + Spicy


Bitch Be Gone, for when you need to quit your bitchin’ and get your shit together. Some days we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and have a raging bitch streak that isn’t going to get us anywhere fast and need to shake up the mood. Step in ‘Bitch Be Gone’ blend. This relaxing yet uplifting scent will be sure to get you back on the right path and conquer the day! At least until it’s wine time. 


Carrier Oil: 100% Cocos Nucifera – Fractionated Essential Oils (7.5% dilution): Ylang ylang Lavender Bergamot Juniper Berry Patchouli


Bottle Info: 10 ml Amber Glass, Steel Roller Ball, Black Cap


To Use: Roll on pulse points such as wrists, inside elbows, temples, bend of knee, ankles, soles of feet, back of neck. Or just give it a good whiff when needed :)

Bitch Be Gone Roll On Oil


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