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Common mugwort, the globetrotting herb from Europe, Africa, and Asia, has taken root all over North America like a botanical nomad. This herb goes by many quirky names like Cronewort, Felon Herb, and Old Uncle Henry – talk about an identity crisis! Fun fact: in Ukraine, it's known as chornobylnik, which sounds like "Chernobyl," the spooky abandoned city, because it literally means "where mugwort thrives." Mugwort is like the secret ingredient in a tea party, adding a dash of flavor in its own unique way.


Store in a sealed container away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.


Infuse in oil or alcohol for use in various cosmetics, including lotions, ointments and liniments. The hairy leaves may be used as tinder for fireplaces. Mugwort is also used to repel insects. 


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