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Sample Packs typically make 1-2 cups (8oz)


A predominant orange character with the lovely sweetness of pineapple.


Luxury Ingredients: Apple pieces, Hibiscus petals, Rosehip + Orange pieces, Natural flavors (organic compliant).


Check out this funky fusion - our herb and fruit tea combo is the cool kid on the block! Made for those who want a zesty, caffeine-free sip, this blend is a party in your mouth, whether you like it steaming hot or ice-cold. Get ready for a tropical dance of orange, pineapple, and a bunch of dried fruits that'll take you on a flavor vacation, no matter the season!


Now, picture this: Bella Coola in British Columbia, where the mountains kiss the clear waters, and eagles rule the sky. One day, under the sunny sky, munching on an orange popsicle, it hit me - this herbal brew tastes like a slice of paradise, just like that popsicle!


Come summer, Bella Coola on the rocks is a game-changer - crisp, light, and just the right amount of sweetness. Dress it up with a berry and mint sprig for fancy vibes or just gulp it down for a casual chill sesh! Got kiddos? Freeze this tea into popsicles for a guilt-free treat bursting with fruity goodness.


And guess what? These blends are the real deal - no tea, just a fruity fiesta full of Vitamin C and zero caffeine! Sip your way to health with a drink that's not just good for you but tastes like a party in your mouth!

Bella Coola Sample

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