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Luxury Ingredients: Peppermint, Ginkgo leaves, Orange + Turmeric + Pumpkin pieces, Safflower petals.


Need a brain boost? Say goodbye to lost keys and forgotten passwords with a sprinkle of Focus Pocus! This magical blend of peppermint, gingko, and turmeric might just be the memory potion you need.


In a quirky study at the British Psychological Society's 2016 Annual Conference, peppermint tea stole the show by flexing its memory muscles. Participants sipped on peppermint, chamomile, or hot water, then got quizzed on their memory and mood. Surprise, surprise - peppermint tea drinkers aced the memory test and felt more alert than the chamomile and hot water sippers. (Sorry, chamomile, you're just too cozy for this memory game!)


But wait, there's more! Imagine if they served up a cup of Focus Pocus. We've amped up the peppermint party with gingko to get those brain juices flowing and turmeric, the superhero spice packed with brain-loving curcumin.


For a brainpower blast, make sure to sip on this concoction a few times a day. Here's to a pepperminty fresh mind! 🧠✨

Focus Pocus Tea (5-7 oz)

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