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ASSHOLE REPELLENT | Roller NOTES Top: Citrus + Zest | Mid: Subtly Sweet | Base: Minty Our intentionally crafted


Ass Hole Repellent roller blend was created for just that. To keep the ass holes at bay on those days that we need anything we can to make it better. Does it work? Nobody knows. Great for a friendly gift, the office, grocery shopping, family gatherings where Uncle Stew is going to be, and anywhere else that may be littered with bad energy. 


Carrier Oil: 100% Cocos Nucifera – Fractionated Essential Oils (7.5% dilution): Blood Orange Orange Tangerine Grapefruit Lemon Spearmint Mandarin


Bottle Info: 10 ml Amber Glass, Steel Roller Ball, Black Cap


To Use: Roll on pulse points such as wrists, inside elbows, temples, bend of knee, ankles, soles of feet, back of neck. Or just give it a good whiff when needed :)

Asshole Repellent Roll On Oil

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