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A magical combination of both citrine and amethyst.


Amethyst is the ultimate chill pill! If stress has you feeling like a shaken soda can, amethyst is the healer you need. It's like an oasis of calm, wrapping you in a warm embrace and awakening your spiritual side. Suddenly, you're making decisions like a wise old owl, feeling more intuitive than ever before. Plus, rumor has it that amethyst can help you sleep soundly and say "see ya" to pesky headaches. A true gem!


Citrine unleashes your wildest dreams and gives you the power to crush them! Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to creative explosions that make you shine like a dazzling sun. And, hey, here's a secret: Citrine is also a magnet for wealth, so get ready to attract all the golden opportunities headed your way!

Amethyst Citrine Bracelet


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